www.greengondwana.com: This site promotes Chattishgarh, perhaps the least known and most unspoiled natural forests of India. They share our view on what constitutes a relaxing but exciting holiday. There is Naxalite unrest in this area so it is only for the bravely adventurous at present.

www.assambengalnavigation.com This promotes seven day cruises on the Brahmaputra river in the remote and peaceful Assam, in a twelve berth vessel run by an English operator. And during monsoon months promotes Hoogli cruises which are a stunning way of doing the history of Bengal in fie days at walking pace.

 This is the ultimate no rush, no bother holiday, and the trips ashore at interesting stopping points bet one into the thick of Indian ambience.

www.chhatrasagar.com A tented village by a lake near Ajmer in Rajasthan remains many peoples favourite. Absorbing interests include local organic agriculture and village life and activities - a rare experience with India's rustic simplicity and charm.

www.glenburnteaestate.com - highly recommended - another quiet, charming and clean-air place to escape to, for a few days of real relaxation. The views of the Himalayas are stunning with Kanchenjunga the star. Walking is energetic.

www.shahpurabagh.com - just north east of Udaipur and ideal for those driving back to Delhi. Small, personal, quiet, charming - very popular . 

www.birdsongandbeyond.com - e-mail kiran.chaturvedi@gmail.com
Birdsong and Beyond is the name of a high altitude cottage and is an amazing Himalayan retreat - in perfect solitude and sharp pure mountain air. Exceedingly remote, it is a long-say place - minimum one week and better two or more. Perfect place for writing one's memoires.   

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