To enjoy India, don't forget, when planning, that perhaps the least enjoyable aspect of your holiday is likely to be travel by road; so don't be talked, against your inclination, into doing long drives day after day.   Going by train is more relaxing than going by car, but often trains don't go anywhere near where you want to go and car becomes the only option, though back-packers use buses extensively, being the cheapest form of travel. And once you have settled for a car for most of the journey, then do it all the time.

If doing Rajasthan, don't drive both ways - either fly or train one way and dot and carry by car in the other direction. That will avoid many unnecessary hours on the road.

Relaxation comes from having time to ponder, and through meeting and talking to people; and Indians love bouncing the ball back to you conversationally.  
Too much dash equals too little relaxation; so spend at least two nights in each place, except Agra (grotty) where one is enough.

Don't try to do too much;  doing fewer places well, rather than more places hastily, is much more agreeable.

Resist early morning starts and late arrivals except as a way to travel cooler, or to achieve a specific objective in one day e.g. Agra and back without spending night there. This is meant to be a holiday.

If you want a local travel agent to take care of bookings and transportation, we can recommend one.

We can recommend a car and a reliable driver if you wish, and particularly recommend that you use our associate driver for airport runs because we are not easy to find. This will save you much time and possible annoyance.

The best way to book flights is on line; but we can offer a good flight tickets operator if needed.

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